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It’s National Cheeseburger Day: Celebrate Wisely

Every day is a good day for a burger, of course, but today is National Cheeseburger Day. Like my birthday, this isn’t being celebrated universally, but many burger joints have special plans to honor the day. Among them:

Bar 145′s 10-pounder

Bar 145 in Toledo, Ohio, will serve a 10-lb. Americana Burger that serves [...]

Wendy’s Goes Gouda; McDs Tries Cheddar Melt

Wendy’s new Smoked Gouda Chicken on Brioche sandwich is the latest example of quick-service burger calling on cheeses as well as upscale buns to raise consumer perception of their products.

Wendy’s Smoked Gouda Chicken on Brioche

The premium-price ($4.79) sandwich continues Wendy’s menu skew toward chicken but breaks it away from Asiago, which has [...]

Monday Meeting: Localization Strategies & Blue Cheese

→ The year’s second half began for McDonald’s with the same disappointing sales in much of Europe reported during the first two quarters. Comparable sales for the region were down 1.1% in Q1 and 0.1% in Q2 before dropping 1.9% in July. The continuing storyline is that the UK and Russia are strong but France, [...]

Monday Meeting: Burger King, Wisconsin to Brazil

[Wisconsin? Well, maybe later. BK has brought back the California Whopper but just in 4 West Coast states. Read details here. It’s trying out the King Deals discount program in San Diego. Read here.] Burger King is heading north for the winter. The chain that created the Carolina BBQ Whopper and Texas BBQ Whopper for [...]

A Fearless Foursome of Burger Introductions


Red Robin's Big Melt Bacon Burger

Amid the seasonal school of fish sandwiches (and even Fish McBites) for Lent it’s nice to see a few new burgers coming onto the scene as well.

◙ One of those burgers is from Red Robin, which had told analysts last week that it wasn’t going to be [...]

Monday Meeting: Rebrands and Goat Cheese


Here’s what the world of burgers has on its menu this morning: ● Hungry Jack’s, the Australian franchisee of Burger King, promises major announcements tomorrow (10/18), likely to encompass significant shifts in its brand and market positioning. The 330-plus-unit operation gave an early indication of its future style last month with its decision to add [...]

Hardee’s Adds Blue-Cheese Steakhouse Burgers


Blue cheese is back and Hardee’s has it.

Those who still lament the passing of the Bacon & Blue, Wendy’s blue-cheese-topped LTO burger from February 2010, will welcome the arrival of new blue-cheese burgers: Hardee’s Steakhouse Thickburger line.

Available in premium-size/price Six Dollar version or 1/3-lb. or ¼-lb. sizes, the burgers are topped not just [...]

Food Prices Shape Jack in the Box Plans

There may be more grilled sandwiches and new chicken items in Jack in the Box’s menu future, while burger and salad LTOs could be downplayed as a result of rapidly rising costs for many commodities.

Jack in the Box reported positive same-store sales for both company (+1.5%) and franchised stores (+0.9%) for its first fiscal [...]