2014 Burger Brackets Voting is Over

Congratulations to champion Burgatory! Thank you for casting a record 149,789 votes and thank you to A.1. Steak Sauce for making this year’s competition possible.

Add Value to Menus with Wisconsin Cheese

When you turn your cheese- burgers into Wisconsin Cheeseburgers, you’re not just adding extra flavor, you’re adding the prestige of award-winning quality. Quality your customers will pay a premium for. Click on the logo above or the burger below to visit the recipe page. Try a new Wisconsin Cheeseburger recipe today!

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White Castle’s Authentic Waffles; McD’s Pretzel Buns

The great thing about White Castle’s announcement that it will add three sandwiches built on Belgian waffles is that these literally are Belgian waffles, as in imported by White Castle from Belgium. Why would you do that when waffles are so simple to make? Wouldn’t you want to make them fresh in the restaurant? The [...]

French Burger Chain Protects its Turf

On the heels of Burger King’s return to France and its opening a unit in Paris’s busy Gare Saint-Lazare train station, France’s No. 2 burger chain Quick has unveiled a new small-space concept called “Burger Bar by Quick.”

The first is expected to open this summer in Paris.

The company said the new brand [...]

The Hot Dog is Britain’s Trendiest Food

Hot dogs are the fastest-growing item on English menus, growing in popularity and sophistication in much the same way that burgers have done in the U.S. over the past decade.

Last summer hot dogs cracked the list of the Top 20 foods in Britain across all categories (pub, restaurant and hotel) on British researcher Horizons’ [...]

Where Burgers, Cargo Containers & Kickstarter Intersect

British restaurateur Tom Reaney is seeking to raise £30,000 (roughly $50,117) through online-funding platform Kickstarter to transform his Burger Bear pop-up burger stand into one permanently housed in two stacked used cargo containers. The project will be funded if the total is raised by March 14, 2014.

The Black Forest Bear burger was a [...]

BK’s 2013: Smarter If Not Richer

Burger King Worldwide CEO Daniel Schwartz called 2013 “an important year” but it wasn’t a great one. Diluted earnings per share rose 22.4% yet the key indicators of restaurant performance were shaky. Globally, Burger King reported a 1.7% increase in comp sales for Q4 and a 0.5% increase for the year. Comp sales for North [...]

France’s Favorite Food? Burgers

McBaguette has bested the baguette. A study from food consultancy Gira Conseil concludes that burgers now are the most popular food in France.

The French, who once turned up their noses at American-style burgers, now can’t get enough. And it’s not just McDonald’s 1,200 French locations that fuel the demand. The rise has come from [...]

Top New International Burger Bars of 2013

On July 1 BurgerBusiness.com listed the “Top 30 New Burger Joints of 2013’s First Half” to illustrate how vibrant the restaurant industry’s burger segment continues to be. A list of top openings from the second half also will come but it’s worth noting how international the burger-bar movement has become. You can get a “Brooklyn [...]

Monday Meeting: KFC’s Breakfast; McRib’s Return

“Everyone’s attracted by breakfast,” Dunkin’ Brands Chairman-CEO Nigel Travis told analysts last week. “Everyone’s particularly attracted by coffee.” Breakfast is attractive enough that KFC has begun offering a morning meal at selected stores in Sydney, Australia.

It’s a limited foray into mornings with just a Bacon & Egg Roll and hash-brown patty. But it does [...]