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21 Thanksgiving Burger Specials

DMK Burger Bar

November. It’s a opportunity for chefs to finally use that sage, and they’re making the most of it (sage aïoli!). Many of the Burger of the Month specials at burger joints across the country (plus Canada and even Denmark) are destined to give diners their fill of turkey before the holiday [...]

October Burger of the Month LTOs: Standout Sauces

Amid all the expected Oktoberfest, Thanksgiving and Halloween influences on this month’s Burger of the Month LTOs at burger bars it’s easy to overlook one particular creative channel that many share: sauces.

House-made sauces have become key differentiators for signature burgers that give a menu an identity. They also lend prepared burger builds sophisticated appeal [...]

Burger of the Month Specials for September 2014

What happens when Labor Day blows the whistle telling summer it’s time to get out of the pool? Right. That’s why I’m pleased to see “Back to School” burgers as September specials at three burger joints. Last year, no one rode that theme but Flipdaddy’s, Milwaukee Burger Co. and Romers Burger Bar all tried their [...]

Burgers of the Month Specials for August 2014

Kooper’s Tavern’s Short Rib & Brisket Burger

With no national holidays or major happenings other than summer, August apparently is a freestyle month for burger creativity. The names of some of the August Burger of the Month choices at burger bars around the world show charming eclecticism: The Code Orange and The Mighty Exhorder; [...]

Burger of the Month Specials for June 2014

Welcome to half-spring, half summer June. The Burger of the Month specials on burger joints around the world have ingredients indicative of both seasons. For example, springtime-fresh watercress is featured on two burgers. There also are a surprising number of burgers featuring goat cheese. It’s on the Napa Valley Burger at Bobby Flay’s Bobby’s Burger [...]

Burgers of the Month Specials for May 2014

Sophie’s Sweet Onion Camembert Burger

At this time each year I say it’s always National Burger Month on BurgerBusiness.com. It’s true and obvious, if only because of the Burger of the Month specials roundup that runs at the beginning of each month. I am continually amazed at the creativity, culinary skill and audacity of [...]

Burgers of the Month for April 2014

Bucket List’s Spring Burger

Spring! Remember spring? It’s coming back and many burger joints are celebrating its return with April Burger of the Month specials. Romers Burger Bar in Vancouver, BC wins best name with its Spring Chicken Burger. The Spring Burger at Bucket List Burgers in Riverside, Calif., is a beef patty nestled [...]

Burgers of the Month for February 2014

Burger Boss’s French Cauliflower Melt

Silly me. I expected a lot more Valentine-themed Burger of the Month specials. There are a few such as Bucket List Burgers’ Heartthrob Burger. But there’s also the hopelessly anti-Romantic Seoul Crusher at Burger Revolution. A few specials recognize Chinese New Year (without taking the Year of the Horse [...]